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Emo de Medeiros


Multidisciplinary artist Emo de Medeiros (1979, Benin) lives and works in Cotonou, Benin, and Paris, France. Emo de Medeiros works with a wide range of media, including sculpture, video, photography, performance, electronic music, drawing, interactive devices, performative installations, painting and connected objects. His work hinges on a single concept he calls contexture, a fusion of the digital and the material, of the tangible and the intangible, exploring hybridizations, interconnections and circulations of forms, technologies, traditions, myths and merchandises. It also rests on the new perspectives and conversations happening in a novel space: the current context of the post-colonial, globalized and digitalized world of the early 21st century. The focus of his research encompasses transcultural spaces and the questioning of traditional notions of origin, locus or identity and their mutations through non-linear narratives.

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